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Tree decorations of wood for generations has its rightful place on the christmas tree. In addition to the classical rays yesterday, we also figurative decorations addet to our product range.








Article number:  199/211

Baumschmuck Strahlenstern

Aperture: 2,55in

6 parts









Article number:  199/443/1

Baumbehang Krippe








Article number:  199/443/2

Baumbehang Hirte







Article number:  199/443/5

Baumbehang Kurrendesänger









Article number:  199/443/6

Baumbehang Schneemann mit Vogelhaus










Article number:  199/443/7


Weihnachtsmann mit Schlitten








Article number:  199/443/8


Weihnachtsmann mit Kind








Article number:  199/443/9


Schneemann mit Kind








Article number:  199/443/10


Weihnachtsmann mit Zug