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Christmas mangers are an integral part of christmas time in our region.

The turned figures seem like toys. Through its simple form and the use of clear colors, they give our miniatures either a classic or a modern character.

The glaze is replaced by the grain of the wood and supports the natural effect.
Our mangers are available in different sizes, natural or manufactured colored glazed.

These groups of figures are also available separately. So you can assemble your christmas manger to your liking.

News 2012


Artikel- Nr.:  83/142/6

Weihnachtskrippe "Stall"

Heilige Familie, Drei Könige, Hirte, 3 Schafe, Stall, 2 Palmen,
ähnlich 83/142/4 aber ohne Ochse, Esel und Hund

Gesamthöhe: 19cm







Article number:  83/215/1

Miniaturkrippe "Stille Nacht"

hight: 2,36in



Artikcle number:  83/215/2

Miniaturszene "Weihnachtsabend"

hight: 2,36in



Article number:  83/197/1


Overall hight: 5,90in

Hight of figurines: 3,54in


The christmas mangers with base plate made of individual segments. The palms are made of solid wood. The delivery includes the candle holder.








Article number:  83/188/N

Krippe komplett, Figuren natur

Size: 18,89in x 9,05in

Overall hight: 8,66in

High of figurines: 3,54in







Article number:  83/188/B

Krippe komplett, Figuren farbig

Size: 18,89in x 9,05in

Overall hight: 8,66in

High of figurines: 3,54in






Article number:  83/174/E

Weihnachtskrippe mit elektrischer Beleuchtung


Size: 16,92in x 5,51in

Hight: 5,90in

Hight of figurines: 2,36in







Article number:  83/142/4

Weihnachtskrippe Stall komplett

High of figurines: 3,54 in

High of palms: 7,48in


Also available single figures:

83/142F1 B Maria, Joseph, cradle

83/142F2 B shepherd und sheep

83/142F3 B the three magi

83/142F4 B Camel, Ox, Ass, camel driver

83/142F5 B Plms green

83/142F6 B Camel lying







Articel number:  83/202 B

Weihnachtskrippe mit Teelicht

Hight: 6,69 in

Figurenhöhe: 3,54 in


Article number: 83/202 N

the same in natur







Article number:  200/055

Kerzenhalter Engel

Hight: 2,36 in







Article number:  83/212


High of figurines: 1,37 in







Article number:  83/210

Krippe mit Teelicht natur

Hight: 4,33in

Hight of figurines: 2,36in







Article number:  83/203 B

Krippe mit Teelicht farbig

High: 4,72in

High of figurines: 3,54in


For the classic Nativity native woods such as oak, cherry, elm, ash, beech, alder, acacia, spruce, pine, birch and lime are used. The woods are carefully selected and processed so that the grain has an optimal effect. The painting is done very sparingly and carefully.





Article number:  83/35

Weihnachtskrippe "Grotte"

Hight: 9,84in







Article number:  83/56


Höhe: 3,54in







Article number:  83/134


Höhe: 5,90in







Article number:  83/44

Weihnachtskrippe "Kaue" geschnitztes Dach"

Hight: 9,84in