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Christmas pyramids have a unique charm. Atmospheric rooms are illuminated by their candles. Mysterious shadows move along the ceiling and silently the characters flit past the viewer.
Depending on the size and design of our pyramids are equipped with different figures.

Ba a variable inclination of the wings you can have a direct influence on the rotation speed.

News 2012




Artikel- Nr.:  85/738

Pyramide, 3 Stockwerke

Krippenfiguren 9cm, farbig lasiert

Höhe: 56cm




Artikel- Nr.:  85/739

Pyramide, 4 Stockwerke

Pyramide naturfarbig
Krippenfiguren 9cm, farbig lasiert

Höhe: 66cm




Artikel- Nr.:  85/739 E

Pyramide, 4 Stockwerke
Elektr. Antrieb und Beleuchtun

mit Trafo 230V / 12V

Pyramide naturfarbig

Krippenfiguren farbig lasiert

Höhe: 72cm




Artikel- Nr.:  85/740

Tischpyramide mit Teelicht,

Pyramide naturfarbig
Krippenfiguren 9cm, farbig lasiert

Höhe: 33cm



Article number:  85/596

Pyramide, Krippenfiguren

simple construcktion, 2 floors

Hight: 11,41in



Article number:  85/597

Pyramide, Krippenfiguren

simple construction, 3 floors

High: 16,14in





Article number:  85/598

Pyramide, Krippenfiguren

simple constructionm, 4 floors

High: 20,07in





Article number:  85/105

Pyramide, Krippenfiguren

High: 17,71in







Article number:  85/125

Pyramide, Krippenfiguren

High: 17,71in






Artikcle number:  85/193

Pyramide kleine Bergparade

High: 10,23in



Article number:  85/176

Pyramide Krippe

High: 10,23in



Article number:  85/661

Teelichtpyramide, Krippenminiaturen

High: 5,51in





Article number:  85/541

Teelichtpyramide, Krippenmotiv

High: 11,02in





Article number:  85/673

Teelichtpyramide, Kinderpyramide,


High: 5,51in






Article number:  85/495

Tischpyramide, Spanbaum, Kinderweihnacht

High: 9,05in






Article number:  85/256

Tischpyramide, Spanbaum, Krippe

High: 9,05in






Article number:  85/447

Tischpyramide, Spanbaum Krippenmotiv

High: 9,05in






Article number:  85/264/1

Tischpyramide, Spanbaum, Waldleute


High: 9,05in






Article number:  85/255

Tischpyramide, Spanbaum, Rehgruppe

High: 9,05in






Article number:  85/448

Tischpyramide, Spanbaum, 3 Rehe

Hight: 9,05in


Spare parts and accessories are very diverse. In addition to individual nozzles is also the supply of wings and propellers possible. Please note however, that the products we have to wing at the same time fit in Pyramids other manufacturers. This requires a precise dimensional voting.






Article number:  E 85/105 TT

Tüllen für Pyramiden mit teelich

Set with 6 parts